Behind the Scenes: Running a Successful Boutique during a Pandemic

Many of us are so curious to know about the fashion world, but don’t often get to see the behind the scenes! A few weeks back BossBabeMove Boutique owner Zoll got the opportunity to be interviewed by ThaBlck5heep Productions for a Docu-Series about her journey of running a Black Owned Small Business. Zoll has pulled back the curtain to give us an insider’s look of how she is able to run a successful boutique including how she started, what inspires her to keep going, and lots moreShe though it would be a great opportunity for fans and supporters to get a better insight on what goes on behind the scenes of BossBabeMove Boutique and a better look at her journey of starting and running a Business during a pandemic. 


Interview and Video Production by ThaBlck5heep Productions

IG: ThaBlck5heep_Productions