Pre Sale Policy

How does PRE-SALE work at BAE & CO. ?

PreSale is purchasing an item from any of our collection but not yet released for sale. You get first access before it sells out and your items are guaranteed. How awesome is that?

Items purchased on PRESALE are subject to delivery between 1-2 weeks of the estimated shipping date that is provided in the items description at time of purchase. What this means is that we anticipate receiving the item below to the warehouse between the dates mention in the description.

Once received only then can we can begin processing orders between the dates mentioned.

Please be aware that these dates are ESTIMATED and you will be waiting for this item. 


What if I have other items in my order that is not a presale item?

Having a Pre-Sale item amongst other items in your order will hold back the delivery of your ENTIRE order.

Email us at if you would like to arrange a split of the order. (Item must be $100+ to split and ship separately).


Can I cancel my Presale Purchase before it’s shipped out?

At this time you’re not able to cancel your presale purchase. However, upon receiving your presale item(s) in the mail you can follow our return policy here to return the items. All presale are subjected to the same return and refund guidelines.

Why did we decide to do presale for our Brand?

With retail in flux and looking for sustainable solutions, pre-sale was a way forward for us to helps us prevent over production of our popular styles and luxury looks. We’ve spent months accurately tracking our inventory system at our Brick and Mortar store and our Online Store and discover that almost 30% of our products were going unsold even after excessively discounting some items which will then end up in landfill if never sold. Many of the times we donate the overstock inventory to local shelters through our Non-Profit BAE & CO. Gives Back.

This eventually will cause us to loose money on unsold products.

After spending months doing research and noticing that many popular designers and brands such as Telfar, Dior, etc do preorders and it works successfully. We decided that it would be a perfect solution for our company moving forward.

Thought pre-sales will mainly be available for our High-end Luxe items or limited styles, shoppers can still enjoy access to a variety of other made to order styles that are available to ship right away.

Please note: estimated shipment dates included in the description of items are approximate and subject to change.